God’s Word

God’s Word…
I am who It says I am…
I can do what It says I can do…
I am going where It says I will go…
God’s Word is breath and life to my soul.
God’s Word is milk and meat to feed me.
God’s Word is seed to grow my faith.
God’s Word is a path I can follow.
God’s Word is light to guide my way.
God’s Word is the Rock on which I stand!
When I read God’s Word It brings me joy…
When I study God’s Word It gives me wisdom…
When I memorize God’s Word It purifies my heart…
When I quote God’s Word It defeats my enemies…
When I meditate on God’s Word It anchors my life.
I am a Bible-believing follower of Jesus Christ… the Word made flesh!

Psalm 138:2
Blessings, Pastor Jerry


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