Key Moments

Key Moments
Jesus faced a key moment in the Garden of Gethsemane. Would he submit to His Father’s will, or, will He choose to go another way?
Esther faced a key moment when she had to talk to the King. Would she talk to him and risk her life, or, would she seek to save her life?
David faced a key moment in a cave when he had the opportunity to kill King Saul. Would he, or wouldn’t he?
Key moments face each one of us. It is important to identify it as a key moment. What will you do? Will you choose God’s will or your own will? Will you save or lose your life?
Here are some key moments that are happening right now:
1. Will the High School graduate choose God’s path or their own path.
2. Will the married couple choose to reconcile or divorce?
3. Will the unbeliever choose Christ or not?
4. Will the single person maintain sexual purity or not?
5. Will the pastor choose to preach that hard message or not?
Key Moments lead to key decisions. Key decisions affect the outcome of your life, your marriage, your finances, your ministry, and your future.
Key decisions lead to key prayers.
Jesus said, “Father, glorify your name.”
Esther said, “If I perish, I perish.”
David said, “I shall not touch the Lord’s anointed.”
Paul said, “Who are you Lord, and what will you have me to do.”
Mary said, “Be it unto me according to your word.”
Stephen said, “Father forgive them.”
Key prayers lead to key results.
Jesus’ prayer led to the salvation of the world.
Esther’s prayer led to the salvation of the Jews.
David’s prayer led to his ultimate anointing as King over Israel.
Paul’s prayer led to his personal salvation.
Mary’s prayer led to the virgin birth and our salvation.
Stephen’s prayer led to the conversion of the Apostle Paul.
Key moments lead to key decisions which lead to key prayers which lead to key results.
Are you facing a key moment right now?
Are you making the Spirit directed decision?
Are you praying a key prayer of surrender, submission, and faith?


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